Urban Yoga retreat in Trimotion

Repose, Reflect & Renew –

with Jeannine Plaiche, B.A, Anusara Yoga Teacher & Therapist

To experience inner joy, our body and mind need to be able to rest in present moment awareness. By learning to rest in the moment-to-moment experience of the body, it becomes easier to let go of what no longer serves us and we can make space for the necessary nourishment we need to feel whole and naturally fulfilled.

Renew your energy with this therapeutic and restorative half-day retreat led by Canada-based Anusara yoga teacher and yoga therapist Jeannine Plaiche. The practices presented will be gentle and take you into a deep experience of the inner body, where you can relax and transform tension into useful creative energy.

9h00-12h00 – Morning retreat
12h00-14h00 (Optional) – Lunch and picnic by the Danube. We’ll walk together from the studio. (Weather permitting)

PRICE: €65

TO REGISTER CONTACT: letizziayoga@gmail.com

ABOUT JEANNINE: Jeannine is an experienced yoga therapist and Anusara yoga teacher (ECAT, E-RYT 500), dedicated to helping people explore their potential through yoga movement and self-inquiry. Passionate about the human body and mind, she has a bachelors degree in psychology and movement background in figure skating, dance and martial arts. She is an active yoga student of Robin Golt, Hareesh Wallis and Mark Dyczkowski, and follows somatic studies with Thomas Myers and his Anatomy Trains team. Jeannine is well respected by her students for her therapeutic knowledge and intuitive ability to discover movement patterns and articulate solutions. Her teaching bridges science, Tantric spirituality and creative movement, and her classes inspire introspection, self-discovery and self-love.

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