New Beginnings!

We are thrilled! Trimotion had finally open its doors. Our classes are running, our therapists are working, and everything seems to had reach an stable point.

We (that is Stefanie and Letizzia) had been working non stop since the moment we thought about the possibility of taking care of this place.

On November we heard that the former studio was closing down, and we both step forward to keep our “home” alive.

We team up and we had been working non stop since then. Now, we can finally hug each other and celebrate the birth of our baby.

Trimotion is a beautiful space in the heart center of Klosterneuburg, we are directly at the Stadtplatz (next to the Tchibo) making it very easily accessible from different parts of town.

When you enter our center, you will be welcome by the colors that we carefully picked, which  are warm and fresh, giving you a feeling of wellness from the moment that you cross our door.

Most of our therapist had been working in this rooms for a long time, and some of you had been as well, but now you do feel the new energy and the lovely atmosphere embraces you.

Our first week has been a great week, so we wanted to thank each one of you who came to our classes and to our therapies.  We also want to thank, specially, to our therapist, who stayed with us, who trusted in us, we had all been gone through a lot, but now we can finally start from zero again. So thank you to each one of you, after all, this dream would not had been possible without you.

We are thrilled, so if you still have not come, we are looking forward to meeting you again, and share with you our excitement, we are sure you will love our center too!

And if you know of any therapist looking for a beautiful place where they could work… please let them know about us! 😉

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  1. Therese
    7 hours ago

    Congratulations, Letizzia and Stefanie, and all the best for your Zentrum!

  2. Anna
    6 hours ago

    Ich besuche einen Anusara-Yoga-Kurs von Letizzia seit fast einem Jahr. Im Unterricht wird jede einzelne Muskelfaser aktiviert, es geht nicht nur um die Gelenkigkeit, sondern um eine korrekte Körperhaltung und -spannung. Ich habe bereits einige Yoga-Kurse hinter mir und in keinem von Ihnen wurde so viel Wert auf die Muskelarbeit gelegt. Letizzia hat unglaublich viel Energie, die ansteckend wirkt. Und noch ein ganz wichtiger Punkt: wir haben echt viel Spaß!


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