New Anusara Yoga course, begins in April!

New course on Monday’s at 4:30-5:30 pm

For a long time I have been asked to offer a second class in the evening or late afternoon.
So, now I can happily announce it.

I’ll be offering a new course on Monday’s at 4:30-5:30 pm.

It will be, as all my classes are, alignment based (Anusara Yoga), that means, that I will keep an eye on you, noticing your needs and helping you to find ease on your postures. I love functional movement, and biomechanics, so you can expect in my classes a big component on those topics.
I also love philosophy, namely, in every class we integrate the mind and heart, our intentions into the practice. Making the physical practice a tool to foster a desired state of being.

As any of my students will tell you, studying with me will strengthen your connection with your body, your mind and your soul. You will feel inspired to learn how to create a physical experience that feels balanced and healthy. You will gain a sense of wholeness as you develop an appreciation for your physical and mental self, within the context of all the emotions and experiences that make you the unique human being you are.

My classes are an invitation to connect with your inner world, yet powerful and dynamic. Every class is different, some are challenging, some are sweet, but they are all sprinkled with humour. It is my goal to guide students toward a healthier and happier relationship with their bodies and minds. I do believe, through my own experiences as well as the feedback I get from my long time students, that through a deeper awareness of ourselves we come to appreciate our own innate value.

What’s new? 11 class course
When: from April 10th (free trial class) till June 26th. No class on May 29th.
Price: €175
Where: Trimotion- Zentrum

If you can not make one class, you can come to any of my other classes.

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